Dog Photography Shoot

Headed down to South Leicestershire recently for an outdoor dog photography shoot. Henry is an extremely intelligent wire haired dachshund. He was full of fun, tearing around the field and chasing his various toys. Henry was also up for a few games of tug. The weather was slightly overcast, perfect for an outdoor dog photography shoot. Henry was so easy going and happy to do whatever was asked of him that there was also time to take some images of him with his owners.Close-up of a wire haired dachshundHenry the dachshund lying down.Henry the dachshund sat looking behind him.Getting down on the ground with a dachshund.Close up of a ire haired dachshund's head.Black and white picture of Henry the dachshund.Tug of war with a dachshund.Standing picture of a wire haired dachshund.A wistful look on a dachshund.Henry the dachshund looking up.An alert wire haired dachshund.

The origins of dachshunds were as working dogs as they were small and strong enough to go to ground after game, such as badgers. They originated in Germany and this is where they get the name Teckel meaning badger dog. They are still used for tracking down game such as fallen deer. the wire haired dachshund can be traced back to the nineteenth century and this breed are well known for their extrovert nature and are full of character. Henry definitely showed most of these traits.

If you are interested in an outdoor dog photography shoot with either a pet or working dog(s) please get in contact. The shoot will be outdoors rather than indoors as it’s great to capture dogs in their natural environment. We usually use an area your dog knows well. This means your dog is safe and the images mean so much more to you as well. There are plenty of images to view on my gallery

Following the shoot the images will be posted to a password protected gallery for you to view and choose your images. These can be supplied as framed images, albums or as digital files with copyright for you to share and print as you wish. Let me know a few details and your ideas and we can get a date booked into both our diaries.


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