MA Photography

I recently finally completed my MA Photography submission and am delighted to have just been awarded my MA by De Montfort University, Leicester. The MA Photography Final Project focussed on the ongoing tradition and history of jump racing. My submission included a series of mounted images taken over two years at Cheltenham racecourse, the home of jump racing. These images were accompanied by a book of images taken in the Valley of the Racehorse, Lambourn. The mounted images had a rich black and white finish to echo the ongoing history. The anonymity in the images, where the horses and jockeys cannot be identified, is intended to reflect the essentially hidden and unseen world I was witnessing. The Lambourn images reflect the ongoing history and tradition of the valley, and depict the shape of the downs, the shadows and spaces, with a few lines from John Betjeman’s poem, Upper Lambourn,

Up the ash tree climbs the ivy, Up the ivy climbs the sun, With a twenty-thousand pattering, Has a valley breeze begun, Feathery ash, neglected elder, Shift the shade and make it run –

Shift the shade toward the nettles, And the nettles set it free, To streak the stained Carrara headstone, Where, in nineteen-twenty-three, He who trained a hundred winners, Paid the Final Entrance Fee…………..

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